Why Choose Maths and English at Kip McGrath Wembley?

All our students love studying here at Kip McGrath Wembley. The sessions are structured, focused and also a lot of fun. By using the latest technology, we are able to get the most out of our students and our content is continually being updated and reflects the school curriculum. Whether your child needs help with their SATs preparation or your eldest teenager is struggling with GCSE English language techniques, we have a tailored solution to get them where they need to be.

The Kip McGrath maths and English programme covers all curriculum topics that students are expected to learn in school. The programme is designed to teach children basic concepts which will help them understand and learn new concepts so they can catch up at school.



Ace algebra with Kip McGrath.



Whether its SPAG or reasoning, we are here to help.



Develop key reading skills.


Problem solving

Learn how to break down a complex maths problem.



Become a master of essay writing and creative writing.

Meet Our Kip Superstars!


Umar came to us needing an extra boost in maths. Studying for his GCSEs, he was aiming to get the highest grade he could possibly achieve. Through careful planning and a strategic approach to hone in on his exam technique, Umar was able to thrive at Kip McGrath Wembley. “I learnt new ways of thinking and approaching questions which not only helped in maths, but other subjects.” With these new found skills, Umar was able to achieve a grade 9 in his GCSE exams. An amazing result!


Joseph came to us in Year 4 and was keen and raring to go from the very start. He needed a top up in maths and English and we were confident of making a difference given his positive enthusiasm for learning. Joseph’s strong study ethic allowed him to make significant progress in a short space of time. He continued through to Year 6 with similar vigour and enthusiasm and achieved one of the highest SATs results in his school. Young Joseph managed to successfully gain entry into one of the top schools in London (which was named comprehensive school of the year) and has now started his journey into secondary school. Although this can be a daunting change for some, Joseph has been able to go from strength to strength. Well done Joseph!


Inayah started with Kip McGrath Wembley in Year 5. In her own words, “the first time I came to Kip McGrath I was quite nervous, but the teachers all made me feel really welcome.” With the help of a carefully tailored learning programme, we were able to help Inayah come out of her shell to blossom into a gregarious and outgoing student. So much so that whenever someone new starts, Inayah will always be the first one to say hello to make the student feel at home!


Having been successfully enrolled onto our GCSE maths and English programme, Sagana was keen to add Science to her weekly Kip sessions. In Sagana’s own words, “the way I was being taught was very efficient and helpful which meant that I was able to understand everything clearly.” She was able to make real noticeable jumps in her grades in a short timeframe and came away with a grade 9 in her science. An amazing achievement!

The Kip McGrath Difference

Each child is truly unique, and we love that here at Kip McGrath because catering for individuality is where we excel! So, if your child is lacking in confidence and needs that boost, we are here to help. Maybe they do not feel challenged at school and they need something to challenge them further. Give us a call today and we can suggest a tailored learning programme.