What is a Kip McGrath Education Centre?

We provide premium tuition services to 5-16 year olds in both primary and secondary education. Every student is taught by a professionally qualified teacher. We offer sessions in Reading, Spelling, English or Mathematics dependent on your child’s level and need.

I've seen other tuition services - what makes you different?

We have a rigorous hiring process to ensure only the very best qualified teachers are employed in our tutoring centre. Kip McGrath Education Centres has also been established for over 30 years, meaning that your child is safe in the hands of a proven system that works. Each student has an individually tailor made programme based on his or her learning needs.

How do I know if my child needs tutoring?

We offer a free in depth student assessment, which will determine the level at which your child is currently performing, compared to the National Curriculum. This will enable us to put together a tailored made student programme.

How long do the lessons run?

Each lesson is 80minutes, broken up in to twenty minute blocks. All the lessons are operated during term-time, which has proven a success as an after-school activity. We also offer tuition on Saturdays and during the holidays.

What times are the lessons held ?

There are a variety of lesson times available. We run two sessions per day during the week. The first is run from 16.30-17.50 and the second is held from 18.00-19.20. We also run four sessions on a Saturday. The first session runs from 10.00-11.20, the second session runs from 11.30-12.50, the third is from 13.30-14.50 and the fourth session runs from 15.00 -16.20.

How soon can I expect to see an improvement in my child's education?

This depends on where your child is on the learning spectrum, but you will can rest assured that no matter what your child’s level is, we aim to meet their every educational need from the very beginning. We are committed to delivering an exceptional level of tutoring and this invariably results in marked progression in the student.

Do you teach children with SEN ?

Yes we do. One of the core values of Kip McGrath Education Centres is treating each student as an individual. We are therefore able to produce a tailor made solution depending on your child’s needs so that they can fulfil their academic potential. At our initial assessment we will be able to go through this in detail.

Do you tutor online ?

Yes . We provide online tutoring which mimics the Kip McGrath model should you find it difficult to reach our centre.

Why use computers as part of the lesson?

We use the latest technologies in computer aided learning to support your child’s progress. They are designed to be interactive and engaging and has proven to be exceptional in allowing the tutor to monitor student progress.

Is Kip McGrath aligned to what is being taught in school?

Yes. The Kip McGrath system is aligned to the National Curriculum and our qualified teachers are trained with the approved teaching methods that will allow your child to excel at school.

How much of an investment will I make?

Each session is £35. Although we appreciate that there are many tuition providers that are cheaper, we do not believe in differentiating on price. Our exceptional service and dedication to our students pays dividends in the long run as we continue to employ the very best teachers.

Are there ways to help me pay for my sessions?

Yes. As Kip McGrath Wembley is an Ofsted registered facility, we have a number of schemes designed to help you pay for your sessions, depending on your circumstances.

Can I use Childcare Vouchers ?

Yes. As Kip McGrath Wembley is an Ofsted registered facility, we accept all forms of childcare vouchers.